Zion.T Gets Featured In Apple Music (U.S.) With Latest Track From “OO”

Zion.T is getting recognized on Apple Music!

On February 5, Apple Music (U.S.) chose Zion.T’s new song “Complex” from his latest album “OO” for their “Best of the Week” feature. Apple Music’s “Best of the Week” takes into consideration music from around the world and selects popular tracks to feature each week.

Zion.T’s agency, YG Entertainment, explained, “Despite not having any overseas promotions, Zion.T was able to do well on a major global music chart. We think that the influence of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon as a featured artist as well as YG Entertainment’s media infrastructure seems to have had an effect.”

Meanwhile, Zion.T’s latest album “OO” was released on February 1 at midnight KST.

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