Ji Sung Promises Frustrations Will Be Relieved In Next Week’s “Defendant”

Just as ratings for “Defendant” have been sky-high, frustrations for the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama have been mounting as well. The walls have been closing in on Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) so much in the past few episodes that it is a wonder how he will ever get himself out of this seemingly inescapable hole. There have been too many mysteries, and not enough answers just yet, but Ji Sung has promised that in next week’s episodes, viewers’ frustrations will begin to be relieved.

“Defendant” is a twist on the memory loss trope, with an extremely intelligent prosecutor who, for some reason, loses only the memories of the day his wife and daughter were killed. This setting breeds the mysteries that drive the drama: how did Park Jung Woo lose his memory, and why did he forget only that part?

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Equally intriguing is the arc about the twin brothers Cha Min Ho and Cha Sun Ho (both played by Uhm Ki Joon). Cha Min Ho has thus far been successful in masquerading as his dead brother, but while their faces are exactly the same, there is still a difference in their experiences, memories, tendencies, eyesight, and fingerprints. These are interesting clues about his real identity that will continue backing the villainous Cha Min Ho into a corner, possibly leading to his downfall.

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Ji Sung’s heads up that the upcoming episodes will shed more light on the puzzles is definitely comforting, but more than answers, what viewers are probably looking forward to the most is the time when justice finally prevails. It might be because of the current political climate as well, but in any case, viewers are rooting for Park Jung Woo the whole way as he refuses to let go of the slightest chance of vindication, even when the odds are impossibly stacked against him.

Catch up on “Defendant” below!

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