Lee El Reveals How Much Work Went Into Transforming Her Into An Old Woman In “Goblin”

In the special episode of tvN’s “Goblin,” aired on February 4, Lee El talked about the hard work that went into transforming the actress into the Samshin Grandma.

In the first episode, she was almost unrecognizable in her role as the old lady, until she transformed into a seductive young woman in an all-red suit at the end. The 180-degree transformation drew the attention of many viewers.

The makeup team of “Goblin” said about Lee El, “She had a really hard time. She had to stay still for four to five hours, so we’re grateful.”

Lee Dong Wook, who played the grim reaper, added, “The skin was really lifelike. Our makeup team is really talented.”

For her hard work, Lee El was given the title of “Suffering God” and received a goblin doll.

She said, “It’s all thanks to the makeup. There were lots of people who suffered because of the cold, so I feel sorry that I’m the one getting this title, but I’m grateful. From Samshin Grandma to Samshin Sister, thank you for supporting her.”

She added another line from her character in the drama, “I was happy when everyone was blessed one by one.”

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