Daebak Has No Trouble Eating Durian, Unlike His Horrified Sisters

Soccer player Lee Dong Gook’s family continued their story in Thailand on this week’s episode of “The Return of Superman.”

On this episode, Lee Dong Gook took his five children to a night market where they encounter a particularly fragrant fruit called durian. As soon as Seol Ah came close to the fruit, she crinkled her nose and exclaimed, “It smells like fart!” Soo Ah waved her hand in front of her face and said, “What is this?!”

Soo Ah Seol Ah

They tried different foods with durian in it, including a durian pancake and a durian smoothie, to which Soo Ah and Seol Ah all shrieked and refused to eat further. Even Lee Dong Gook found it difficult to enjoy the food.


However, Daebak surprised everyone when he not only was able to eat the food, but he enjoyed it! He gulped down the smoothie and even gave a thumbs up, saying, “It’s yummy!”

Check out the episode on Viki here below!

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