Watch: Block B Gets Played By The Girl Of Their Dreams In Retro Sitcom-Inspired “Yesterday” MV

After teasing us with some interesting retro-sitcom-inspired teasers, Block B has dropped their new song “Yesterday!”

The song was written by member Park Kyung and is intended to be a special release rather than an official comeback or a fan song.

“Yesterday” is an alternative funk style track with a shuffle rhythm, while the catchy lyrics tell the story of a man wondering what his girlfriend, who hides her flirtatious nature by playing innocent, did the day before.

In the video, which is inspired by classic retro sit-coms such as “Friends,” the boys of Block B try to catch out their girl, whom they suspect is up to no good, in various over-the-top situations, until she (literally) ends up blowing them all away.

Watch the fun music video below!