Update: Co-Ed Group K.A.R.D Reveals Gorgeous New Teaser For “Don’t Recall”

Updated February 11 KST:

With just five days left until their newest single drops, K.A.R.D has revealed another teaser photo! This time, they’re wearing the same outfits they did in their choreography teaser video.

Updated February 9 KST:

K.A.R.D has shared two new teaser photos for their comeback that feature the single’s track list! In addition, the group asks fans on Twitter to “Guess what is hiDden track.”

kard 1 kard 2

Updated February 8 KST:

K.A.R.D members J.Seph and B.M feature in their latest teasers for their upcoming single!



The group has also now opened their own V Live channel, which you can follow here.

Updated February 7 KST:

K.A.R.D has now shared their first “overlap” individual teaser photos for their comeback, featuring members Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo!

somin 1

jiwoo 1


K.A.R.D will soon be putting out a new release!

After releasing their first single entitled “K.A.R.D Project, Vol.1” in December of last year, co-ed rookie group K.A.R.D has announced that they’ll be dropping the second volume of their project featuring the track “Don’t Recall” on February 16 at midnight KST.

K.A.R.D is housed under DSP Media, and consists of two female members (Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo) and two male members (J.Seph and B.M). They gained plenty of attention and fans after releasing their fun and fierce music video for their first title track “Oh NaNa” in December!

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