“Chief Kim” Cast Show Beaming Smiles In Behind-The-Scenes Cuts

Check out the new “Chief Kim” behind-the-scenes cuts!

“Chief Kim” is on a roll, gathering the highest viewer ratings in its time slot in just four episodes. Its success most likely owes to its fast-paced plot development, eye-catching portrayal of scenes, and actors’ expert acting.

The cast of “Chief Kim” show great passion for the drama and have wonderful teamwork with each other when the cameras are rolling. When the cameras are off, they make the staff laugh, creating a cheerful atmosphere. Namgoong Min is the life of the party at the studio; thanks to his endless ideas and creative ad-libs, his colleagues cannot stop laughing.

chief kim 2

A source from the production company Logos Film revealed, “We are filming ‘Chief Kim’ in a comfortable environment in which veteran and junior actors all take good care of each other. The actors are close to one another, adding to the liveliness of the office comedy. Thanks to our viewers’ support, we are able to work hard despite the cold. Please stay tuned to find out how the story will unfold.”

“Chief Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!


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