Kahi Celebrates Her Amazing Post-Pregnancy Body On Instagram

Recently Kahi, a singer and entertainer formerly of girl group After School, took to her personal Instagram to celebrate her post-baby body.

Kahi married her husband, the CEO of Incase Korea, in March of last year, and they welcomed their first child in October.

The recent Instagram post shows Kahi wearing skinny jeans and in the caption, “The pants…. fit,” celebrating her return to a slimmer figure after her pregnancy.

출산45일째. 홈트레이닝을 출산 한달후 부터 시작하고 필라테스를 일주일 전부터 시작했다 임신전부터 가진게 몸뚱이 뿐이라 관리를 열심히 하며 살아서 그런지 출산후 변해버린 몸때문에 적잖게 우울함도 느꼈다. 하지만 다행히도 회복도 빠르고 컨디션도 좋아서 운동을 바로 시작해서 다시 돌아가고 있는 몸. 모유수유 중이기 때문에 전혀 무리도 하지않고 슬렁 슬렁 찌뿌둥함만 없애는정도로 운동하고 벌어지고 틀어진 골반과 뼈들때문에 재활치료도 받고 있다. 입던사이즈바지 언제 다시 입나요.. ㅠㅠ 음식은 잘 조절해가며 먹을때 먹고 안먹을때 안먹고 ㅎ 암튼… 역시 운동은 생활이 되어야 한다. #운동후샤워하고바르는로션템 #비오템 #오비타미네바디로션 #써보니좋아서요 ㅎ #운동할끄야 #아직못뛰는게슬픔 #땀빼고싶다그램

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In a former Instagram post, she had given more details about her post-baby fitness regimen. In that post, she wrote, “45 days since I gave birth. I started training at home a month after giving birth and I started pilates a week ago. Before I got pregnant, the only thing I had was my body so I took care of it well, but when it changed during pregnancy, I was a little sad. But luckily my recovery has been fast and my condition has been good so I was able to start exercising fast and my figure is coming back. Since I’m breastfeeding, I’m not overdoing anything, and I am also getting treatment for my pelvis and shoulders, which have widened over my pregnancy. When will I be able to wear my old pants… I am taking good care of my diet and eating when I need to. Anyways, exercise needs to be a part of daily life.”

A few days ago, she also posted a picture of her four-month-old baby, who is growing up well.