Kim Tae Hee Explains Why She And Rain Decided To Hold Small-Scale Wedding

During a recent interview that took place on February 2, actress Kim Tae Hee opened up about her recent wedding and her life as a newlywed.

Kim Tae Hee and Rain got married on January 19, after approximately four years of dating. They held a small ceremony, and the couple reportedly didn’t inform guests the exact location until the day of in order to try and keep it as private as possible.

“We thought about the circumstances at the time. We didn’t want to hold an overly fancy wedding when the current economic situation is so difficult. It was a decision we made after much consideration,” the actress explained. “We felt sorry we couldn’t invite many people. We hope that they understand our choice and intention. We were apologetic that everything was so secretive. That’s why we made sure to at least appear in front of the public when we left and came back from our honeymoon.”

Kim Tae Hee went on to cautiously talk about how they’re currently living with Rain’s father and sister at the singer’s place in Cheongdam ward for the time being. She assured everyone that her in-laws treat her well, and that it was just for the time being until their new home was ready.

As for children, she said, “I’ve never publicly revealed my plans for a family before, but I will let everyone know if there is good news to share.”

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