NCT 127 To Clear Missions And More On Next Episode Of “Weekly Idol”

NCT 127 will be making their second “Weekly Idol” appearance on February 8!

At the recording, NCT 127 showed their outstanding variety show skills and proved to be the future of SM Entertainment.

They had a go at the missions previously undertaken by their SM seniors, like the “eating gummy worms without using your hands” game played by Girls’ Generation. They not only pulled the funniest faces, but also successfully cleared the missions.

nct 127 weekly idol 2

As rookies, they were enthusiastic about showing their special talents, ranging from a sweet acoustic cover song medley to a funny impersonation by Johnny that had the MCs completely baffled.

Also, as expected from a group famous for their dance abilities, they took on the famous double speed dance challenge and aced it with a perfectly synchronized performance.

Don’t miss this episode of “Weekly Idol” on February 8 at 6 p.m. KST!

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