“Infinite Challenge” Cast Recording Commentary For Special Episode To Be Aired During Hiatus

On February 7, rumors spread that the cast of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” were reuniting to film a new challenge.

However, this was proved to be not the case. Instead, the “Infinite Challenge” cast are recording commentary for a “Infinite Challenge Legend Special” that will air during the show’s seven-week hiatus. According to sources from the show, it will likely be March before any new filming occurs, and that the schedule for commentary recording had also not yet been finalized.

“Infinite Challenge” began its seven-week hiatus on January 28. Until February 11, the three-episode pilot program “Forty’s Spring” will air in its time slot. For the remaining four weeks, MBC will air the “Infinite Challenge Legend Special,” a collection of the show’s greatest moments and behind-the-scenes stories.

Meanwhile, you can still watch the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge” on Viki below!

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