“Perfect Wife” Lead Actors Are Legitimately Best Buddies In A Newly Revealed Still

Take a look at the new still for the upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Perfect Wife” starring Ko So Young, Kim Jung Nan, and Jung Soo Young!

“Perfect Wife” tells the story of three middle-aged women who have been best friends since middle school and go through the highs and lows of life together. The three main characters are Shim Jae Bok (played by Ko So Young), a woman who has no luck in life but is always doing her best, Na Hye Ran (played by Kim Jung Nan), a pilates teacher who’s always thinking about love, and Kim Won Jae (played by Jung Soo Young), a Psychology professor who finds joy in showing herself off. Though they all have different personalities and are in completely different situations, they demonstrate true friendship that can’t be exchanged for anything else.

The three actresses themselves are rapidly getting closer and adding to their chemistry as best friends in the drama. Even when they were taking the newly revealed picture, the actresses were ceaselessly chatting with each other and socializing.

The producers stated, “Ko So Young, Kim Jung Nan, and Jung Soo Young are showing outstanding chemistry with each other. Ko So Young’s reactions to Kim Jung Nan and Jung Soo Young’s ad-libs contribute to the cheerful atmosphere of the drama. Through the stories that unfold, we will be bringing viewers not only laughter, but also a warm feeling in their hearts. Please look forward to the first episode of ‘Perfect Wife.'”

“Perfect Wife” will be airing after “Hwarang” on February 27.

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