Ji Sung And Kim Min Suk’s Chilling Exchange Earns “Defendant” Its Highest Real-Time Ratings

Ji Sung and Kim Min Suk put their all into creating a stunning and intense ending for the latest episode of SBS’s “Defendant.”

Episode 6 aired on January 7 and scored nationwide viewership ratings of 18.6 percent. The drama’s real-time ratings peaked at 23.28 percent, a new record for the production, in the final moments of the episode during the spine-chilling exchange between Park Jung Woo (played by Ji Sung) and Sung Kyu (played by Kim Min Suk).


Park Jung Woo is in prison on charges for murdering his daughter and wife, and he attempts to uncover the truth about Cha Min Ho (played by Uhm Ki Joon) with the help of Seo Eun Hye (played by Kwon Yuri) while also trying to recover his memory. He began the fight with the firm belief that he couldn’t possibly have killed his family, but he is left feeling unmoored because of the steady stream of evidence being stacked against him.

At first, Park Jung Woo has a hard time adapting to prison life, even getting into conflicts with the other prisoners. However, he looks out for Sung Kyu like a little brother, even taking time to help him out though he is in a desperate situation himself.

However, a shocking revelation comes out in the last moments of episode 6. During this episode, Park Jung Woo’s friend Kang Joon Hyuk (played by Oh Chang Suk) presents a video of the prosecutor confessing to his family’s murder. Though he can’t remember anything, Park Jung Woo is convinced that he actually did it, and prepares to commit suicide.

Kim Min Suk

The moment he goes to hang himself from a noose created with vinyl, Sung Kyu speaks up from the corner of the room he’d quietly been sitting in. He says, “Why should you die? You didn’t do it, I did it.” He then goes on to sing, “A cat in a mountain valley, a baby kitten,” a song that Park Jung Woo’s daughter Ha Yon (played by Shin Rin Ah) had sung often.

Ji Sung

Kim Min Suk 2

It was a shocking moment for both Park Jung Woo and the viewers. On that scene, Kim Min Suk said, “I am very grateful to the viewers for praising me and supporting me though I still have a long way to go. I was so excited from the moment I received the script, and Sung Kyu makes my heart race. I’ve been studying and practicing my other scenes as well, but I especially discussed this scene in depth with Ji Sung. I am so grateful for his help.”

The actor continued to add, “Sung Kyu has many faces to him. I thought a lot about how to portray this moment when he is usually a warm-hearted person. I thought about what expression I should make, how I should sing Ha Yon’s song, and what my eyes should be saying. I hope that my acting continues to be received well in episode 7 as well.”

What did you think about this chilling scene between Ji Sung and Kim Min Suk?

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