SEVENTEEN Celebrates Recognition And Makes A Promise To Fans

On February 8, SEVENTEEN greeted fans in a surprise V Live broadcast in order to celebrate being recognized by V Live as one of the Top 10 Global Artists.

SVT V Live

The members each conveyed their gratitude about receiving the recognition in 10 words, which led to a lot of laughs and silly antics amongst the members. Member Hoshi said, “It was so nice to meet our Carats again. I really want to see you all again soon!” Leader S.Coups said, “We will work even harder. We will create more opportunities to spend time with our Carats.”

Member Seungkwan even made a promise to release a funny video of the members and to do a burpee test broadcast if SEVENTEEN reaches 2 million followers on V Live.

Who’s curious as to what that funny video is?

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