2PM’s Junho Gets Aggressive In New Stills For “Chief Kim”

2PM’s Junho is showing his aggressive side in the new stills for “Chief Kim”!

Junho plays the role of Seo Yool, a skilled financial prosecutor who gets scouted into TQ Group as the director of finance. Junho is gaining praise for his detailed portrayal of the cold character that does anything to get what he wants.

chief kim 2pm junho

The stills show Junho getting ready to throw a punch, indicating a conflict coming up in the next episode. Junho actively contributed to creating the scene by thinking of new ideas and discussing the exact motions they would be making. He also carefully observed the movements of his opponents to make their fighting scene look more natural.

Not only that, but Junho also made sure to take care of his acting colleagues. The moment the director yelled “cut,” he asked his action scene counterpart if he was okay and straightened the guy’s shirt with a bright smile.

A source from the production company Logos Film revealed, “Despite it being his first villain role, Junho is gaining praise from the viewers for doing a good job acting. His efforts in reading, memorizing, and analyzing the script are now bearing fruit. Junho will be showing many sides to himself while acting as the mysterious and secretive Seo Yool, so please keep an eye on his constantly improving skills.”

“Chief Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!


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