Park Bo Gum Is Humble As He Reflects On His Career And His Friendship With Song Joong Ki

Actor Park Bo Gum has shown that he is still humble and down to earth despite his recent meteoric rise to fame.

During an interview with news outlets in Taiwan held when he visited last month, Park Bo Gum showed his humble self when he said, “I still feel my acting skills are lacking.”

He continued, “If I didn’t go into acting, I would’ve wanted to become a music teacher or a Korean teacher. I think a job where you teach others is really good.”

He also mentioned his friendship with Song Joong Ki, who came to the Taiwan fanmeeting to support him. He showed his affection for Song Joong Ki, who is his senior in the same company, by saying, “He often buys me delicious food and advises me on acting. I think he is very wise. He is like a true brother.”

He emphasized that his attitude towards acting is remembering his beginnings. He stated, “Although many fans are cheering me on right now, I remind myself to not lose my original resolutions and stay humble.” When he was complimented on his always smiling expression, he said, “When you smile, blessings come your way, and many good things happen around you.”

Since last December, Park Bo Gum has held fan meetings in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taipei, and Tokyo. After his upcoming events in Bangkok and Singapore, he will meet his Korean fans in Seoul in March.

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