17 Of T.O.P’s Most Memorable Moments

It’s a sad sad day for us VIPs around the world as we say goodbye to our quirky, lovable T.O.P.

As I try to sort through this wave of emotions, I decided the best way to get through this would be to look back at some of my favorite Choi Seung Hyun moments. Join me, fellow VIPs, as we prepare our hearts and say good-bye. Here are just 17 of T.O.P’s most memorable moments.

1. Bingu’s infamous guest appearance on “Family Outing”

2. The VERY rare appearance of T.O.P topless

3. T.O.P and his massive microphone 

4. T.O.P’s dinosaur walk when he had to go pee during “Strong Heart”

5. When T.O.P meets Tablo’s daughter, Haru

6. The epic “Secret Garden” parody where he plays Hyun Bin’s character

7. The heartbreaking song he sang for the web drama “Secret Message”

…which leads to…

8. That scene in “Secret Message” where he’s crying and showcasing his amazing acting ability

9. Every collaboration he had with G-Dragon and the serious bromance that they share

10. Everything about this Calvin Klein ad

11. All of the cool fight scenes in the movie “Commitment”

12. When he won the best new actor award for the movie “71 Into The Fire” (and how adorably nervous he was)

13. T.O.P’s attempt at aegyo

14. His FXXX IT concept

15. His infamous odd Instagram posts, like these ones:

16. His impressive harmonica skills

17. And last, but not least, the seriously spot-on impersonations of his fellow member Seungri

Good-bye for now and until we see you again, stay healthy and weird!

Hey Soompiers, which of these memorable moments is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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