Watch: Block B Casually “Cooks” And Sings “Yesterday” At The Same Time, Featuring P.O’s Sneaky Prank(s)

Leave it to Block B to put on a live performance even more hilarious than their fun music video!

On a video posted on February 8, the members donned their aprons and put on their “chef” hats to attempt to roll proper kimbab while singing their newest title track “Yesterday.”

Before they even get to the food, the members are already hyper as P.O pretends to act like a bear, and U-Kwon parodies a well-known food host while introducing their menu for today. The craziness continues as they sporadically poke fun at (as well as sabotage) each other, all while showing off their fantastic vocal and rap skills.

Some people (like Zico with the microwave) tried really hard, Park Kyung ended up with a taco-shaped roll, and most of them had a wasabi-filled kimbab, courtesy of P.O sneakily squeezing wasabi paste in each one, especially on Taeil’s.

Watch the wacky and fun live performance below!