Ryu Hwayoung Explains Her Gratitude For INFINITE’s Sungjong

During her appearance with twin sister Hyoyoung on the February 8 episode of tvN’s “Taxi,” Ryu Hwayoung opened up her friendship with INFINITE’s Sungjong.

She revealed that he’s always been a constant in her life, during both the good and bad times, and that she learned that guys and girls can indeed become good friends without any romantic interest through Sungjong.

“Back when I couldn’t eat a lot, my circumstances were difficult, and I didn’t have income for about four years, he would comfort me and also buy me food,” the actress said.

Hwayoung also explained that they go over to each other’s place comfortably, and how their parents even know each other.

It’s always great to have a friend who will always be there for you!

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