T-ara’s Former Manager Responds To Reports About Ryu Hwayoung And Bullying Scandal

After a former staff member of T-ara made a public post containing a personal account of what happened within the group during the bullying scandal from years ago, T-ara’s former manager also made a statement supporting the staff member’s claims.

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According to a report by MBN Star, on February 9, the group’s former manager said, “Everything in the post that came up on the online community is true. Any employee [from that time] knows the story.” The manager continued, “It’s something that has come out through blogs several times since the beginning. It’s something that we had collectively decided to keep quiet, but seeing it now in the news, it’s alarming.”

T-ara’s agency also made a brief statement about the issue, saying that it’s something from the past and that they have nothing to say.

Previously, following Ryu Hwayoung and Ryu Hyoyoung’s appearances on “Taxi,” which aired on February 8, a former T-ara staff member made a post on an online community outlining Ryu Hwayoung’s actions and Ryu Hyoyoung’s threats to T-ara’s youngest member at the time, Areum, and more.

Areum also posted a response to the news on her Instagram, saying she’s held back a lot.

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