EXO’s Suho Talks About Which EXO Members He Thinks Are The Funniest

EXO’s Suho was the latest guest on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Ji Yoon’s Music Plaza,” where he talked about his latest hobbies, nicknames, and favorite television shows.

Suho talked about his photography and how he personally likes landscape photography the most. The singer said, “If I take about 300 photographs, I usually think that one of them is actually pretty cool.” He also mentioned that he would like to exhibit his photographs publicly one day.

In addition to photography, Suho expressed his affinity for exercise and said that he had less than 5 percent body fat; however, he also mentioned that his body fat percentage has always been below ten percent, even before he began to work out, because of dance practices.

The singer stated that he was currently watching British drama “Sherlock” and said that he had always been interested in shows like that. DJ Park Ji Yoon brings up the JTBC show “Crime Scene,” for which she is a fixed guest, and asks Suho if he would like to be a guest on a variety program like that. Suho responds by expressing confidence in his ability to do very well as a guest on the crime-solving show.

Suho is asked about the nickname he has earned that suggests he is the funniest member in EXO. Suho talks about how he thinks fellow member Baekhyun is also funny but in a different way. He says, “Baekhyun speaks well and has a variety of comedic skills.” However, Suho picked fellow member Sehun as the second funniest member in EXO because Sehun laughs at his jokes and also likes to make dad jokes.

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Who do you think is the funniest member in EXO?

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