BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And Taeyang Are Already Expressing “T.O.P Withdrawal” On Social Media

It looks like it’s not just fans feeling major T.O.P withdrawal.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P officially enlisted to fulfill his military requirements on February 9, and fellow bandmates G-Dragon and and Taeyang have already taken to social media to express how much they miss him.

G-Dragon posted a photo of the duo on his Instagram account that is quite blurry, but cute as they wear similar sweaters and hug each other.


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Meanwhile, Taeyang uploaded an adorable piece of fanart with the caption, “T.O.P, goodbye and see you soon.” The art perfectly reflects how everyone feels about T.O.P enlisting, with the members holding onto their fellow bandmate as he holds back tears.

형 잘다녀와 곧 만나 ❤️

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T.O.P will be going through a four-week basic training bootcamp at the Nonsan Army Training center before carrying out his service as a conscripted policeman.

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