HaHa Reveals Jung Joon Ha Had High Hopes To Receive Grand Prize Award

On the recent episode of “Happy Together” on February 9, singer HaHa mentioned that Jung Joon Ha was actually hoping to receive the Grand Prize during 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards. The award went to fellow “Infinite Challenge” cast member Yoo Jae Suk.”

First, guest Kim Joon Ho brought out the topic of entertainment awards, saying, “Kim Jong Min won KBS’s Grand Prize in 2016, and I thought maybe I would be the joint-recipient of the award.”

Then HaHa chimed in, “We thought Jung Joon Ha would [receive MBC’s Grand Prize].”

Jung Joon Ha

He joked, “His butt was off his seat when they were announcing the recipient. He even brought along five staff members to accompany him.”

Park Myung Soo added, “Jung Joon Ha was really anticipating the Grand Prize.”

Jeon Hyun Moo also said, “I even overheard him practicing his acceptance speech in the bathroom.”

Although it wasn’t the Grand Prize, Jung Joon Ha won the High Excellence Award in 2016 for his hard work during the year.

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