Jeon Jiyoon And Samuel Seo To Collaborate For A New Single

Former 4Minute member Jeon Jiyoon is collaborating with Samuel Seo for a new digital single to be released in March!

Jeon Jiyoon’s connections with Samuel Seo began at her fan meet last November, where she mentioned him as an artist she wanted to work with.

After releasing her first solo album “Day and Night,” Jeon Jiyoon is steadily making her name known as a musician. Her music is being appreciated globally in countries like Vietnam and Hungary, while other countries like Japan and Myanmar are asking her to visit for a fan meet.

According to Jeon Jiyoon’s and Samuel Seo’s agencies, the two artists are communicating with each other everyday and are working hard for this single.

What sort of synergy are you expecting from the two?

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