MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Surprises Members With Abrupt Confession

On February 9, MONSTA X’s Minhyuk made a statement that surprised his fellow members and brought laughs to set.

During the early morning filming of the opening for the fifth episode of JTBC2’s MONSTA X-RAY, which is broadcast in collaboration with Naver’s V Live, the show writers announced that the boys would be doing a one-day daycare. Member Jooheon asked jokingly, “Aren’t all the babies still sleeping right now?” The writers pointed out that there are many double-income households now so parents are waking up a lot earlier.

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Member Minhyuk stated that he liked children and confessed that he wanted to have one quickly himself. His fellow members were taken aback by Minhyuk’s honest and abrupt confession. They joked that this part needed to be edited out and that Minhyuk was not very functional yet because it was too early in the morning.

However, Minhyuk clarified his statement by saying that he meant he wanted to make sure he had descendants to which his members responded, “That’s even weirder,” bringing laughter to the early morning shoot.

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