TOP Media Clarifies Reports About Restricting Teen Top Member L.Joe’s Individual Activities

Following Teen Top member L.Joe’s request to cancel his contract with his TOP Media, a source from the agency clarified previous reports about their interference with L.Joe’s individual acting activities.

They stated, “We were having discussions with the drama producers under standard protocol, and reports about the agency making absurd requests are false,” referring to reports about the agency allegedly demanding an appearance fee seven times the usual amount and refusing to inform L.Joe about the progress of the casting process.

They added that L.Joe personally went through discussions with drama producers and unilaterally informed TOP Media about the results, even though the agency was already in the process of officially finalizing discussions.

“Although we were dissatisfied with some of the agreements [with the producers], we decided to give up on our goals as a company to allow L.Joe to do as he wanted. Despite these efforts on our part, L.Joe sent us a request to terminate his contract, saying that we did not meet our obligations as a management agency because we did not enter into a contract [with the producers] early enough,” they claimed.

Regarding Teen Top’s upcoming March comeback, L.Joe agreed to participate in the upcoming album and finished the first stages of recording. But soon after, he sent TOP Media a request for the termination of his contract, causing difficulties in the album production process.

The source from TOP Media expressed, “We ask L.Joe to return and diligently resume activities, as he is legally bound by his contract to do so, and it is something he should be doing for his fans who have supported him all this time. Our staff and Teen Top members will work hard to resolve the conflict with L.Joe and actively communicate with him to clarify any misunderstandings.”

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