Seo In Guk Talks About Being Thankful For 2016 And His Embarrassing Nickname

In 2009, Seo In Guk won “Superstar K” and found success in the entertainment industry with his music. He has grown into a more well-rounded public figure since then by appearing in a number of dramas and establishing himself as an actor as well.

He first appeared in the KBS2 drama “Love Rain” but it was his role as the titular character Yoon Yoon Jae of tvN’s “Reply 1997” that pushed Seo In Guk into the spotlight as an actor. After that, Seo In Guk appeared in popular dramas like tvN’s “King of High School” and SBS’s “Master’s Sun.” His next project, however, is military enlistment. Although his draft notice has not arrived yet, Seo In Guk expressed that he has mixed feelings about his impending enlistment.

Seo In Guk talked about how the past year was a good one for him, as both his music and dramas did well in 2016. He thinks, however, that there is a flip-side to his good luck because he believes if something good happens, something bad will happen as well. He clarified, “I’m not scared of failure though because it is something I have experienced in the past.”

One of his dramas from 2016, MBC’s “Shopping King Louie,” did not do well initially with only 5 percent viewer ratings on the first episode. Seo In Guk talked about disappointment and said, “I’m a person too, so I have been disappointed in the past by projects that haven’t done well.” He added, “However, I forget all about that when I think about the other people who work on these dramas. There are at least 100 individuals on set and to not do my part because of my own disappointment in the show’s ratings would be a betrayal to all of those hardworking people.”

To wrap up the interview, Seo In Guk talked about how he has the nickname “Master of Kissing.” Seo In Guk expressed that the nickname is embarrassing but that he also feels good about it as well. He jokingly asked, “It’s a good thing to be good at that, right?”

Seo In Guk also said, however, that the kiss scene is not the most important thing for a male actor. Rather, the execution of the narrative leading up to the kiss scene is the most important because the viewer has to understand why the kiss scene is happening in order for it to be considered a good kiss scene.

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