TWICE’s Dahyun Graduates From High School

TWICE’s Dahyun has graduated from high school!

She attended the graduation ceremony at Hanlim Multi Art School on February 10.

Dahyun posted a photo with her members on TWICE’s Instagram, saying, “I’m so happy. This will be a graduation that I’ll never forget. Calling it a ‘graduation’ is bittersweet. When I think about the fact that my school uniform days are never coming back, I’m going to miss it.”

Talking about achieving her dreams, Dahyun said, “I had dreams since before I entered Hanlim Multi Art School, and I remember working to make those dreams come true. I’m so thankful that, as a result of those times, I’m now TWICE’s Dahyun.”

Closing, she said, “I want to congratulate all my friends that graduated with me, and thank you to the TWICE members, ONCE, and everyone for congratulating me.”

Watch TWICE surprising Dahyun!

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