CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Asks Fans To Support His New Movie

“Cooking Up a Storm,” the first film that CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa starred in, premiered today in China.

Jung Yong Hwa uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram of him at the gym. The caption stated, “Today is the premiere date of ‘Cooking Up a Storm’~~~!!!!! It’s my first film~~ Please support the film, everyone~~~ I’m working out again today!”

Fellow CNBLUE members Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun congratulated Jung Yong Hwa on his new film through posts on their own Instagram accounts.

“Wow! Chef Jung’s ‘Cooking Up a Storm’! I want to watch it hahaha, let’s go to China! Congratulations on the premiere, hyung! #CookingUpAStorm #ChefJung #ActorJung #YongHwaHyungMovie”

“Oh~~~ Movie actor Jung Yong Hwa haha, ‘Cooking Up a Storm’ premiered today ha. Oh~~ Congratulations, actor Jung ha”

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