Lee Joon Hyuk Donates 100 Percent Of Earnings From “Naked Fireman”

Lee Joon Hyuk’s generous donation to charity has become a hot topic, after a firefighter uploaded a post on an online forum revealing the actor’s kind deed.


The post was uploaded on February 10, and even had a photo of the post’s author attached to it.

The actor’s agency LN Company confirmed this on the very same day, as they told reporters, “As Lee Joon Hyuk acted as a firefighter in ‘Naked Fireman,’ he empathized with the professional difficulties of firefighters, so he decided to donate all his earnings.”

They continued, “It was supposed to be a quiet affair, so it’s embarrassing that it got revealed.”

Lee Joon Hyuk plays a dedicated firefighter named Kang Chul Soo in KBS’s “Naked Fireman.” Watch the first episode below!

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