VIXX’s Leo Burns With Zest In Rousing Performance For “Singing Battle — Victory”

The February 10 episode of “Singing Battle — Victory” was a musical special that gathered 12 illustrious musical actors, from veteran Nam Kyung Joo to relative rookie VIXX’s Leo. Leo has been active in musicals since his first role in 2014, and his works include “Mata Hari” and “Monte Cristo.”

In this episode, Leo went head-to-head against fellow musical actor Kim Soo Yong as they sang the song “Show!” by Kim Won Joon.

vixx leo kim soo yong

The idol had been nervous before his turn, but once he went on stage, he was overflowing with confidence and charm. He also blew his seniors away with his skillful vocal prowess while building up to the highlight of the song. It was said that musical diva Kim Sun Kyung even exclaimed repeatedly, “Incredible!”

It was a fierce battle between Leo and Kim Soo Yong, with three votes against four respectively in the first half. The victory was ultimately accorded to Kim Soo Yong, but either way, it looked like both really had fun, which was what Leo had been aiming for too.

vixx leo kim soo yong 2

Watch the stage here!

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