VICTON Shares Regrets And Enjoyment About “Weekly Idol” Appearance

On February 10, VICTON greeted fans through Naver’s V App, where they mentioned their recent appearance on “Weekly Idol.”

Byungchan, who had stolen the show with his girl group dance covers, said, “Firstly, it was a while before [our episode] was aired. It was about eight weeks before it was broadcast, so we’d like to thank the fans who waited. We really prepared a lot for ‘Weekly Idol.’ We had rehearsals and prepared individual talents, but since there was no corner for that, we could not show them, unfortunately.”

He also thanked the production team, saying, “The writers and producing directors edited [the episode] well, so it came out interestingly. Thank you [for that.]”

Heochan added, “[I prepared individual talents but] because I was too nervous, I couldn’t remember,” while Seungsik said, “We had a hard time with the individual talents, didn’t we? That’s why we focused so much on the games in the second half.”

The other members also shared their thoughts, like “It was really fun, wasn’t it?” and “I have confidence in the sliding chair game [now.]”

victon 3

VICTON is currently in the midst of preparing for their comeback, which could be before the end of February.

Watch Byungchan slay the “cover dance battle” here!

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