Teen Top’s L.Joe Speaks Up After Requesting Contract Termination

Teen Top’s L.Joe has spoken up for the first time after it was revealed that he requested the termination of his exclusive contract with TOP Media.

He wrote a long message on Teen Top’s fan cafe and explained how he feels:

“It’s been a long time. First, the reason why I deleted photos that included memories with fans was not because I wanted to erase those memories with fans but rather because it was difficult to look at the photos that show a time that I cannot go back to. Don’t forget our memories, cherish them. I will also cherish them. Undoubtedly.

“I’m sincerely sorry that I could not talk directly through social media and made fans’ hearts feel heavy with worries.. I think there wasn’t a place where I could express the situation.. and my heavy heart.. Thank you for worrying about me and I sincerely apologize for making you worry. The weather has suddenly become cold. Take care to avoid catching a cold. Angel.”

Previously, L.Joe was revealed to have requested termination of his contract due to his agency interfering with his activities after he expressed his desire to stand alone. TOP Media has since clarified reports and revealed their side of the situation.

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