Lee Dong Wook Takes A Strong Stance Against Illegal Fanmeeting Ticketing

After Lee Dong Wook’s fanmeeting sold out in less than a minute, the actor has had to take a strong stance against illegal ticketing methods.

On February 11, he and his agency released a statement on his official social media account saying, “We have received reports of illegal ticket sales on social media, personal blogs, secondhand trading websites, and intermediary ticketing websites. We are therefore monitoring all unusual transactions of illegal/premium tickets. As long as you do not buy the illegal tickets, which often have inflated prices, they will be canceled and space will open up through the official ticket seller, Interpark. Both selling and purchasing illegal tickets will be regarded as against the law. Therefore, we ask you not to sell or buy tickets from any non-authorized sellers other than the official Interpark.”

They added, “At the fanmeeting, the ticket seller will be checked and anyone caught with illegal/premium tickets will not be allowed to enter the fanmeeting. Please email us at [this address] with exact information about illegal tickets (username, contact information) if you come across them.” Finally, the agency warned that there might be legal consequences.

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