Watch: Jung Hye Sung Bursts Into Tears During Gong Myung’s Proposal On “We Got Married”

Jung Hye Sung was really surprised and touched by her virtual husband’s “proposal” on “We Got Married”!

On February 11’s episode of the virtual romance show, Gong Myung enlisted his fellow 5urprise members for help with an elaborate proposal event for Jung Hye Sung. The plan involved Gong Myung calling Jung Hye Sung and pretending to be sick, and then agreeing with her to meet at a busy square in Seoul.

Jung Hye Sung headed with 5urprise’s Seo Kang Joon and Yoo Il to meet Gong Myung, and on the way they kept bumping into some people dressed as cartoon characters, who were of course part of Gong Myung’s plan. However, she didn’t pay them much attention because she wanted to hurry to meet Gong Myung, who she thought was ill.

we got married 2

When Jung Hye Sung and the two guys finally arrived at the proposal location, they found a heart drawn in the snow with candles and flower petals, as well as the three guys in costume (who were Gong Myung, Kang Tae Oh, and one of their managers). “This is really weird. Who’s in the costumes? Is one of you Gong Myung?!” asked Jung Hye Sung, catching on right away.

After Jung Hye Sung jokingly tried to run away from the event, the three guys in costume took turns opening pages in large sketchbooks as a confession message for her. The message asked her to guess which one of them was Gong Myung, but Jung Hye Sung knew who he was right away!

She giggled and hugged Gong Myung, who got angry at the other guys. Jung Hye Sung explained that she had seen the others’ hands when they were opening the sketchbook pages, and it was obvious that they were not him.

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After taking off his costume, Gong Myung then put a flower crown on her head before presenting her with a ring and getting down on one knee. “I’m going to cry!” she said as she looked down at him, and Gong Myung got the crowd to cheer.

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“Please marry me!” he said to her, and she burst into tears for real as they put the rings on each other. After they hugged, she jokingly scolded him in tears, “I was worried about you! I thought you were sick!”

As she continued to cry, Seo Kang Joon said to Gong Myung, “Hug her, hug her,” and then nodded approvingly when Gong Myung took his advice and wrapped Jung Hye Sung in his arms as she sobbed.

we got married

“I thought you were sick!” she whined, and pretended to kick him.

In her private interview, Jung Hye Sung explained, “Everyone had come there for me, and he had prepared the proposal, so I felt like I was loved. I was very grateful and touched.”

Watch the cute proposal event below!