Daebak Bursts Into Tears When Lee Dong Gook Pretends To Be In Pain

Daebak fell for another of his father’s pranks!

On the February 12 episode of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” Lee Dong Gook and his children continue their trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

Bringing the three siblings with him, Lee Dong Gook paid a visit to a Thai traditional massage school to learn how to massage for his wife and kids.

The masseuse began by demonstrating the routine on Lee Dong Gook, whose muscles were being relaxed by the massage, but he playfully pretended to be hurt.

daebak lee dong gook

This flustered Daebak, who held his father’s hand and cried to the masseuse, “Stop it!”

When the masseuse continued doing her job, Daebak attempted to protect his father and imitated a line from a children’s television show, yelling, “Lightning power!”

The masseuse smiled kindly at Daebak as she kept massaging Lee Dong Gook who was still acting like he was in pain. As a result, Daebak burst into tears out of concern, and his father hurriedly got up and held him.

daebak lee dong gook 2

Lee Dong Gook then thanked him, saying, “I survived! Thank you, you saved me,” and proceeded to massage a delighted Daebak the way he just learned.

Catch the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

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