Kim Sun Ah Reveals Injuries From Filming Upcoming Drama

Actress Kim Sun Ah suffered injuries on the set of “Woman of Dignity” (working title).

On February 13, Kim Sun Ah, who plays Park Bok Ja in the upcoming drama, shared a collage on her Instagram revealing injuries she sustained during shooting.

She shared photos of her legs, knees, and ankle all covered in bruises, along with a clever caption which reads, “Woman of Bruises. Just don’t bruise your heart. #WomanOfDignity #WomanOfBruises #BokJaMustBeLucky.”

Meanwhile, “Woman of Dignity” tells the story of a woman named Woo Ah Jin, played by Kim Hee Sun, who enjoyed a luxurious life until her father-in-law went bankrupt and her husband betrayed her. Kim Sun Ah portrays Park Bok Ja, a mysterious woman from Chungcheong who is determined to break into high society.

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