Park Bo Gum Wants To Try Song Joong Ki’s Role In “A Werewolf Boy”

It’s hard to not love Park Bo Gum, whether you’re a fan or his senior.

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At the start of his Thailand fan meeting on February 11, Park Bo Gum first greeted the audience in Thai before sharing his sincere concern for fans. He said, “Although it was late when I arrived in Thailand, there were so many fans at the airport that I was surprised. I am thankful for your intentions to welcome me, but it would be good if you do not stay out late and go home early [instead]. Even so, I can fully feel fans’ hearts.”

It was reported that 4,000 fans had gathered at the airport to welcome the star.

As Park Bo Gum showed off his photos from visits to various places in Thailand to the fans’ enthusiastic cheers, he said, “Thai fans’ smiles are extremely memorable.”

During the talk game, he also showed his love for Song Joong Ki, who appeared as a surprise guest at the fan meeting.

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Both actors said that they would love to act in a production together, and when asked if there are any roles of the other person’s that they would like to try, Park Bo Gum chose “A Werewolf Boy.”

He explained, “Song Joong Ki’s acting as he conveyed emotions through just his eyes, without dialogue, was really touching.”

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On his end, Song Joong Ki also showed his affection for Park Bo Gum as he explained his choice, saying, “Lee Young in ‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds‘ was really handsome and interesting.”

As the fan meeting drew to a close, Park Bo Gum finished with a heartwarming promise as he said, “I’m thankful that I can meet everyone in Thailand like this. I will work hard to become a person who can, for a long time, positively influence the lives of everyone who has given me warm strength.”

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How has Park Bo Gum been a positive influence on your life?

You can also watch (or rewatch) “A Werewolf Boy” at Viki!

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