Apink Shares Updates On Comeback And Instagram While Making Chocolate

Apink’s Bomi and Eunji revealed some exciting news during their chocolate-making broadcast through Naver’s V App on February 13.

apink bomi eunji

In reply to fans’ questions about their comeback, the pair said, “Recently, we’ve been practicing and recording diligently.”

Bomi also announced, in reply to an SNS-related question, that she would be getting an account soon. She said, “I’ll make an Instagram [account] soon. I’m going to give it a try. But it seems a little difficult.”

There was also a question about Eunji’s trimmed bangs, to which she replied, “While drying my hair, I just felt like cutting it, so I cut it. It’s not a hint at a comeback.”

Are you looking forward to Apink’s comeback?

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