14 K-Pop Songs To Fall In Love To

Valentine’s Day has come around once again. How are you going to spend it this year? Are you loved up with your favorite person? Or are you single and waiting for your ultimate bias to finally notice you? Whichever it is, here are 14 K-pop songs to fall in love to this Valentine’s Day!

1. With You – B.A.P

B.A.P knows how to make Babyz turn into a blubbering mess! “With You” is full of love and affection and the chorus is perfect to sing (or cry) along to!

2. Pray – Ga In & Jeff Bernat

This unique collaboration is pure honey to the ears. The smooth sounds of this song will warm your heart and soul this Valentine’s Day!

3. Let Me – GOT7

We all know what it’s like to have a crush and feel these emotions emerging. The adorable lyrics capture the pureness of those fluttering butterflies. If anyone rejects them, there’s plenty of IGOT7’s who would gladly volunteer to hold their hand!

4. Amazing You – Han Dong Geun

A stunning vocalist and authentic lyrics make for a wonderful love song. The unfaltering, unwavering kind of love in this song is what we all want and search for.

5. Starlight – Taeyeon (ft.Dean)

Taeyeon’s and Dean’s silky voices blend together to create a polished love song. The serene vibes that it gives off accompany the lovely lyrics. “This song is amazing…”

6. Love Belt – Jonghyun (ft.Younha)

SHINee’s Jonghyun is the King of passionate lyrics. “Love Belt” is a marvelous metaphor for some one supporting you in a relationship. Younha and Jonghyun complement each other sublimely!

7. Peach – IU

IU’s fairy-like voice tinkers over this sweet song. “Peach” creates the floating image of cherry blossoms, blowing through the sky, with its tickling tempo.

8. Think About’ Chu – Sam Kim (ft.Loco)

Sam Kim needs to release more music A.S.A.P! His sultry voice can make even the most stoic people swoon. The poetic lyrics are completed by Loco’s own flavor, giving this song an enchanting ambience.

9. Because Of U – MONSTA X

MONSTA X may have a cool stage presence but they have a softer, romantic side too! This off-beat song explains what it’s like when you can’t stop thinking about someone. Unrequited or not, there’s nothing better than love!

10. Lean On Me – SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop team show their versatility with this velvety song. Every one has those days when you need someone to just listen to your problems, and the members of SEVENTEEN say you can lean on them.

11. One – SHINee

SHINee have so, so, so many songs that could be on this list. One made the cut for its affectionate lyrics alone. The SHINee members are insanely talented vocalists, who have the ability to showcase the emotions of a song completely.

12. Thank You – Roy Kim

This song really shows how one person can help another, just by supporting them. The heartfelt lyrics describe a gratefulness to that special person who helped you through the hard times. And, Roy Kim’s beautiful voice is enough to make anyone melt!

13. Eat – Zion. T

Zion. T’s thoughtful lyrics make this a slightly different romantic song. Instead of grand gestures, showing the simple kind of love we experience every day. It’s the little things that matter the most!

14. I’ll Be Here – BTOB

BTOB have some of the best ballads, and “I’ll Be Here” definitely proves this! The caring lyrics are the kind of words you need you significant other to say. Whenever you’re feeling down, just listen to BTOB, they’ll be here!

Here is the full playlist!

Which song is the most romantic in your opinion? How are you spending Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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