Gongchan Says His Mobile Dating Game Might Cause The B1A4 Members To Throw Their Phones

B1A4’s Gongchan has debuted as the model of a new interactive mobile dating game!

On February 13 at the Rolling Hall in Seoul, the dating simulation game “I Need a Date” (working title) held its launching showcase with Gongchan, actor Ahn Hyun Jin, director Kim Sung Ho, and director Lee Ki Young.

Gongchan shared, “I often talked to [B1A4’s] Jinyoung about the game and asked him how I should do it. He encouraged and helped me a lot.”

He joked, “If the members play the game, I think they will have to buy new phones. They might throw and break their phones while playing it.”

When asked which of the B1A4 members he thinks will most strongly react to the game, he responded, “Baro surprisingly can’t stand cheesy things, so if he sees it he will probably cringe.”

The singer then filmed a message for the rest of B1A4, saying, “My members, I’m a game model for ‘I Need a Date.’ I hope you all can pretend you are dating me and enjoy playing. I love you!”

Meanwhile, “I Need a Date” is a virtual dating game where users can experience an interactive virtual romance with Korea’s top idols. The game uses real footage with sophisticated directing and stories by film and drama writers. The series begins with Gongchan, and is to be followed by C.I.V.A’s Kim So Hee, Dal Shabet’s Subin, and Secret’s Hyosung.

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