Kim Eun Sook Of “Goblin” Voted As Best Screenwriter In Korea

The time has come for screenwriters to shine, now that people are starting to look for dramas based on the screenwriter, rather than the actor. Star screenwriters like Kim Eun Sook or Park Ji Eun receive thousands of dollars for writing a single drama. Top stars search for these screenwriters because their dramas are almost guaranteed to do well, and that helps the starring actors rise to fame.

News outlet TV Report conducted a survey targeting entertainment sources to find out who Korea’s best screenwriter is. Participants were 10 reporters from TV Report and 20 sources from entertainment and advertising companies.

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To no one’s surprise, Kim Eun Sook took first place with about 66 percent of the votes. Her most recent work, tvN’s “Goblin,” most probably played a big role in bringing about this result.

Starting her career with “South of the Sun” in 2003, she continued on with “Lovers in Paris,” “Lovers in Prague,” “Lovers,” “On Air,” “City Hall,” “Secret Garden,” “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” “Heirs,” “Descendants of the Sun,” and “Goblin,” making a total of 11 successful dramas ranging from romance to fantasy.


As a big shot in the romance genre, Kim Eun Sook knows which lines make viewers’ hearts flutter, though some people criticize them for being too cheesy. Others also say that her dramas have weak endings, but “Goblin” was able to prove that point wrong. In fact, 13 out of 19 participants picked “Goblin” as Kim Eun Sook’s best drama, and one comment regarding that was, “No one is as good as she is at creating a trendy storyline and portraying characters in a way people from all over the world can relate to, as proven by ‘Goblin.'”

Entertainment industry sources also pointed out that she has a knack for turning actors into top stars and creating fun catchphrases. One survey participant expressed, “Every drama she writes is a big hit, and she has created characters that brought many male actors to stardom. She also consistently creates a new catchphrase that dominates the time. More than anything else, her ability to create a new trend and think outside the box is impressive.”

Song Joong Ki

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki from “Descendants of the Sun” was voted as the best actor brought to fame by Kim Eun Sook.

How many of her dramas have you seen?

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