Actor Go Soo Gains (And Loses) Extreme Weight To Perfect His Character For Latest Film

Actor Go Soo has showed tremendous passion for his new film “Lucid Dream” by gaining over 10 kilograms (approximately 22 pounds) and losing it again to perfect his role.

Go Soo Lucid Dream 2

In this film, Go Soo plays the character Dae Ho. He is a whistleblower of major businesses and a loving father to his son. One day, his son gets kidnapped and he does everything he can to find him.

Go Soo Lucid Dream 3

To express the comfort that Dae Ho had felt in his life before the kidnapping happened, Go Soo purposely gained weight. However, the actor then lost all that weight to express the character’s cold personality that takes over once his son gets taken. As a result, Go Soo gained and lost a decent amount of weight in a very short period of time.

Go Soo Lucid Dream 4

About this matter, Go Soo commented, “I wanted to show his fragility after losing his son. I wished to accurately show the hurting father ‘s efforts to find his son,” and shared his extreme methods of losing weight.

Go Soo Lucid Dream 5

“Lucid Dream” comes to audiences in Korea on February 22.

What a dedicated actor he is!

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