Zion.T Picks Which Indie Artist He’d Like To Collaborate With In Future

On February 4, Zion.T made an appearance on the MBC FM4U radio show “Tei’s Dreaming Radio.”

During the show, Tei brought up Zion.T’s habit of laughing often. “I don’t know why I keep laughing either,” the artist admitted. “When I see my shoulders bunch, I think it might be because I’m nervous.”

He added, “When I did radio shows in the past, I couldn’t look the DJ in the face. I only looked at my microphone and didn’t even know who was sitting around me. Now I’m glad that I’ve improved.”

When asked to pick an artist that he wanted to collaborate with, he chose hit indie group Bolbbalgan4. “I had my eye on them, but they recently collaborated with Mad Clown first,” he said. Tei commented that he thought that Bolbbalgan4’s sound would mix well with Zion.T’s.

Would you want to see the two artists collaborate?

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