Update: gugudan Releases Colorful Second Teaser Video For “A Girl Like Me”

Updated February 26 KST:

Now gugudan has released a second teaser for their “A Girl Like Me” music video. Check it out!

Updated February 26 KST:

gugudan has also released their first music video teaser for their title track “A Girl Like Me.”

Check out the video below!

Updated February 24 KST:

gugudan has released an update regarding their release date and time. While the group was originally scheduled to release their album and music video on February 28 at 12 a.m. KST, gugudan will now be releasing them on February 27 at 6 p.m. KST.

Updated February 22 KST:

gugudan release teaser

gugudan has revealed their highlight medley for their comeback album “Act 2. Narcissus”!

Listen to it below:

Updated February 21 KST:

gugudan has dropped their track list and more individual photos for their comeback album!

“Act 2. Narcissus” consists of six tracks including their title track “A Girl Like Me.” Furthermore, one of their follow up tracks is written by VIXX’s Ravi!

Check out their teaser images and track list below:


gugudan track list

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Updated February 19 KST:

gugudan 1

After releasing multiple individual teasers, gugudan has also revealed two new group teaser images for their upcoming comeback!


Updated February 18 KST:

gugudan has unveiled the last batch of individual teasers which feature members Haebin, Sejeong, and Soyee!

gugudan Haebin Sejeong gugudan soyee

Updated February 17 KST:

gugudan has dropped individual teasers for members Hyeyeon, Mina, and Sally!

gugudan Hyeyeon gugdan Mina gugudan Sally

Updated February 16 KST:

Girl group gugudan has revealed their first individual teaser images, featuring members Hana, Nayoung, and Mimi!

gugudan Hana gugudan Nayoung gugudan Mimi

They also revealed a comeback schedule earlier in the day, which you can check out below.


On February 15, gugudan dropped their first teaser image for their upcoming comeback through their social media accounts.

Their new album is titled “Act.2 Narcissus” and their title track is “A Girl Like Me.” gugudan’s teaser image plays on the the theme of Narcissus from Greek mythology. The image is a mirror reflecting Narcissus’s vanity and includes narcissus flowers.

Check it out below!

You’ll be able to check out gugudan’s new release on February 28 at 12 a.m. KST.

Stay tuned for updates!

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