Gary Talks About Leaving “Running Man,” His Ideal Type, And More In Recent Interview

On February 15, rapper Gary recently shared his thoughts on a variety of topics through an interview with Chinese media Sina Entertainment.

During the interview, Gary talked about his plans for marriage, saying, “I think I’m at an age to get married. I don’t have any concrete plans, but I want to meet a good person and get married quickly. I’m not the type to carelessly date women.”

When asked about his ideal type, the rapper said, “It always changes, but one thing that doesn’t change is innocence. This might be every guy’s ideal type, but I’d like [to meet] a girl who is innocent during the day and sexy at night.”

Gary also talked about leaving SBS’s “Running Man,” saying, “When the news was announced about my leaving, I was worried that many people would see me in a bad light. But when I received encouraging responses from people who said they were waiting for my music, I was really grateful. I’m going to work harder to make music and communicate with my fans.”

Meanwhile, Gary previously announced his decision to leave “Running Man” in November in order to focus on his music. However, he has guested on the show multiple times since then, surprising the rest of the cast members.

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