Yoo Ah In Reported To Have Bone Tumor, Agency Responds

On February 15, a news outlet released an exclusive report stating that actor Yoo Ah In has a bone tumor.

Later on, a source from Yoo Ah In’s agency stated, “It is true that he has a bone tumor. We can’t say if it’s serious or not. It’s a sensitive matter regarding his personal information so we cannot say much about the level of seriousness.”

The agency has clarified with another news outlet that the tumor is benign, and has also said that he is waiting for his next examination. They have promised to release an official statement when it is ready.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In reportedly underwent a physical exam for the third time last December, but his military enlistment was postponed once again. The actor had received a shoulder injury while filming the movie “Tough As Iron,” and the injury worsened after filming “Veteran.”

About this issue, the Military Manpower Administration stated, “We need to monitor his condition,” and postponed his enlistment decision. Some people had speculated that the actor was purposefully trying to evade his military enlistment. In response to this, his agency has said that he is not trying to avoid his mandatory military service. “He also wants to enlist in full health,” they stated. “He is waiting for the date of his next physical exam, regardless of the bone tumor.” His fourth physical exam is expected to be in March.

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