Bolbbalgan4 Is Adorable While Choosing Their Ideal Types For The First Time

On February 15, the amazing duo Bolbbalgan4 appeared as guests on MBC Every1’s popular variety show, “Weekly Idol.”

When the MCs asked about their ideal types, Ahn Ji Young said, “A person who has a good voice,” and picked Gong Yoo as her ideal type among celebrities.

Weekly Idol Bolbbalgan4 2

Weekly Idol Bolbbalgan4 3

Defconn found this funny, reiterating, “You’re looking for someone with a good voice, and that person has to be Gong Yoo?” and teased her for actually liking his looks more than his voice.

When it was Woo Ji Yoon’s turn, she said, “I like a person who can cook well. I don’t care about his looks.”

Weekly Idol Bolbbalgan4 4

The MCs remained persistent and asked her to pick a celebrity she likes, and after thinking for a while she said, “Jung Hyung Don-nim~”

Weekly Idol Bolbbalgan4 5

This must’ve come off as very cute yet calculated because Jung Hyung Don then teased her, saying, “She must’ve practiced this answer in front of a mirror,” and imitated what she said.

Weekly Idol Bolbbalgan4 6

No wonder why, the “Weekly Idol” MCs will never lose an opportunity to tease someone!

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