Watch: AOA Dances Short And Sweet Medley Of 5 Of Their Hit Songs

With over four years under their belt, AOA has released many memorable hit songs since their debut in 2012.

As the newest edition to their 100 seconds series, Dingo Music uploaded a video of the girl group dancing to five of these songs, which have been covered many times worldwide.

The girls were split into two groups of three, with Seolhyun, Chanmi, and Hyejeong dancing to “Miniskirt” and “Like a Cat.” Meanwhile, Jimin, Choa, and Mina took on “Heart Attack” and “Short Hair,” before they all joined together to dance one of their latest title tracks, “Excuse Me.” Yuna was unable to join in, as she is still recovering from a torn ligament in her right ankle.

What were some of your favorite AOA songs over the years?