WINNER And iKON’s Current Comeback Preparations Reportedly Revealed

On February 16, a Korean media outlet reported some of the concrete comeback preparations for WINNER and iKON.

According to a music industry source, WINNER will soon be heading overseas to shoot music videos for two new songs.

Reportedly, WINNER was supposed to have completed one of their music videos by January. However, when it was decided that there would be two new music videos for this comeback, they decided to film both overseas instead.

This will be WINNER’s first time debuting as a four-member group following the departure of Nam Tae Hyun in November. The album is expected to drop sometime in March or April.

iKON is also reported to be in meetings for their upcoming music videos. They will also have two for their new comeback. After promoting in Japan for much of 2016, they are aiming to have a domestic release as soon as possible.

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